Our Microblading Artists

We don't believe in testimonials

Any pictures, either of eyebrow miroblading or eyelash extensions quality, can be stolen. Any words can be made up. Any promises can be broken.

We believe in knowledge

Our ultimate goal is to educate so you are more knowledgeable of quality works and impeccable services. We've had sisters, mothers, aunts, friends who didn't know better, and ended up regretting getting the eyebrows microblading , eyelash extensions , etc. done at the wrong place and/or with the wrong artist. We encourage everyone to do a lot of research and talk to experienced artists so you know what to look out for. We will share our knowledge even when you don't get service from us.

We believe in trust

We treat all our clients like family. You will walk in a guest, and walk out knowing you will always be a part of us. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation, either for microblading or eyelash extensions, with us. No commitment required.